16 August 2015

Tumblr Photography Attempts - Part 1 (Summer Break 2015)

More photos.


Yeah.. I took quite a few photos whilst I was away..

Take my word for it.

I tried to make them very cute and tumblr-y.

That's not even a word.

But I said it anyway.



So, yeah.

I hope you like them and that you think that they didn't completely fail.

Who am I kidding, of course they failed..
I just thought they were cute, ok?
This reminded me of those really cute cobbled alleyways that you see online

Don't ask. Just don't.
The view from the restaurant at my hotel was just so cute, I couldn't resist taking this.

It really was a nice restaurant..

I just thought it looked photograph worthy alright?

This is only part 1.

You're probably getting more of my pretty random photography from my holiday.

I'm sorry if you are.

Comment below which picture you like the best and which one you think you'd fine on Tumblr!

(I will reply - I always do!)

Amerelle x

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