14 August 2015

Poolside Photography (Summer Break 2015)

You all probably remember that I recently went on holiday.

I did mention it in my previous post.

And the post before that.

And the one before that..

You get the idea; I've mentioned it a before.

Anyway, I took lots of photographs when I was away.

(When I say "lots", I mean lots)

And I thought I would share them with you.

Not all in one blog post, it would get very long and boring if I did that.

I've separated the best photographs into 4 blog posts.

And this is the first.

You can probably tell by the title (and the photographs below), these are the photographs I took of the pool or around the pool.

In the comments, tell me which is your favourite photograph and why. Mine is the one of the lemon at the bottom left hand corner because it stands out, even though it's half hidden by the leaf.

Amerelle x


  1. I like all of them!

  2. This is why I want to go to Italy. I should probably try to learn Italian gain tho

    1. It's beautiful there, definitely worth visiting, and you don't need to learn italian - a lot of people there have some understanding of English. (Just don't go to Pompeii in July/August. It feels like you're standing on the sun.)