26 August 2015

Back To School Q&A - Part 2 (B2S 2015)

I do believe that the other half of your Q's require A's

And that's what I'm going to do.

Right now.

I didn't think I'd get this many questions.

You guys who follow my instagram (@/that.awkwardfangirl) are insane, literally.

Thank you all so much.

Now, please enjoy my A's for your Q's.

Fun way to study vocabulary?
I hate to break it to you, but there really is no fun way to study whatsoever. Sorry, if there was I would've discovered it by now because I hate studying (with passion).
How do deal with bullies?
Bullies are tough to deal with (I know from experience), but it's always best to just walk away. If they say something, just walk past them and don't look back. They aren't worth it. They want a reaction, so make sure you don't give it to them. Also remember that there's always people that you can talk to if you need to, you should never have to go through that alone. (If you do need to talk about anything, please just drop me an email (amerellerose@gmail.com) because I'd be happy to help. Also I know this was on the last post too I just wanted to make sure that everybody sees it)
What books do you recommend to get from the school library?
ALL OF THEM. GET THEM ALL. (I'm being serious.)
How do you make sure you don't forget any homework?
Do it the night that you get it! Once it's done, it's done. Once you've finished it, put your book/folder in your bag so you can't leave it at home (if it's a sheet of paper get a plastic wallet to keep all your papers in, and keep it in your bag too)
How to avoid breaking into song when the answer to a question in math class is 13?
(Apparently this person is obsessed with the musical 13)
Write down all the lyrics to a song in the back of a notebook or tap the tune with your fingers on a notebook (quietly!) haha.
How to get motivated to learn?
At the end of the day, tell yourself that you can do something you really like (Eg. Watch YouTube/Netflix for an hour, have a chocolate bar, spend time on Skype/Facetime with friends etc.) if you've worked hard and done everything that you have to do that day.
Credit to weheartit.com
What's your YouTube?
(Not exactly school related but I thought I'd answer it anyway) I don't have a YouTube channel. I watch YouTube from another Google account but I've never uploaded videos or anything like that.
How do you know that someone is really your friend and they aren't just using you?
If they are using you, then they'll probably be asking for you to do or help with their homework regularly, ask for money and ask for favours etc. but spend a lot more time with other people than they do with you, and maybe not seem that friendly around you unless they need something. If this is the case, then remember that there are better friends out there, it just takes time to find them sometimes.
How to make projects with boys less awkward?
Just be nice and seem approachable and relaxed. If you seem fine with it then then he will probably become more relaxed too.
Which teacher do you hate?
I'm not going to say anything about her identity, but she's very strict, she sets us three times as much homework as we're supposed to get, she also asks us very personal questions which nobody wants to answer and she also forces us to do things (to individuals) that we mentally cannot handle.
How to bribe a sixth former into buying you coffee?
Find a sixth former that you vaguely know (or get to know one somehow if you need to) and just ask them because if you kinda know them then they'll probably be happy to do it.
How to stay awake long enough to get ready
(because you spent the whole night watching Sherlock)
1) Don't watch Sherlock for too long!
2) Have a cold shower as soon as you get up, it'll wake you up. Also have a coffee if you want to. (See the last question if you need a sixth former to buy it for you too)
And that is all the Q's that you wanted A's to.
No more parts.
I hope you found these somewhat helpful. (If you did please let me know in the comments!)
If you have any other questions just leave it in the comments and I'll reply to you tomorrow!
This probably wasn't helpful at all.
Oh well, I tried.
Amerelle x
PS. I know some of you are already going back to school, so if you are, Good Luck!


  1. Wow, you did get a lot of questions!

    1. Yes, I did! I wasn't expecting it at all!

  2. Thank you for answering mine!

  3. I'll definitely use your advice for staying motivated, I need to stay off my phone.

    1. Make sure to put it somewhere where you can't see it (don't lose it though!), that way you won't be tempted to reach for it.