30 August 2015

The Homework Guide (B2S 2015)

  1. Write Down Your Homework. When I was around the age of 10, I used to be the laziest person when it came to writing down my homework, and as a result, I used to (regularly) forget what the homework was. Some schools supply planners to keep note of your homework, and at others you have to buy your own. (If you need to buy one, I found one that isn't expensive at all that you could take a look at if you need to --> http://www.amazon.com/Student-Planner-2015-2016-School-Content/dp/B00PB10KLW/ref=sr_1_9?s=office-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1440949417&sr=1-9&keywords=school+planner+2015-2016 (US) or http://www.amazon.co.uk/Star-2015-2016-Academic-Fully-bound-August-August/dp/B00XPAU3HM/ref=sr_1_45?s=officeproduct&ie=UTF8&qid=1440949749&sr=1-45&keywords=school+planner (UK) )
  2. Do it the night it is set. This is the best thing to do with homework, especially if you get lots of it. Once it's done, it's done, and for every piece you finish, that's one less piece to have to find time to finish. Plus, once all your homework is done for the day, you'll have the rest of the evening to yourself.
  3. Don't keep procrastinating about getting it done. Procrastinating does nothing except mean that you'll have to do your homework later, and probably end up rushing it. I'm not saying not to take a 5 minute break every hour or anything, just don't turn a 5 minute break into a 20 minute one. Your homework is going to have to be done at some point, and it's better to get it done sooner rather than later.
  4. Pick a quiet environment. For me, this is really important, I can't focus on anything with even the slightest amount of unwanted background noise. I listen to music while I do it to block out the rest of the sound around me, and because when I listen to music it's more like being in my own little bubble away from the world, instead of at home where my family is talking constantly in another room.
  5. Put away any distractions. I think we're all guilty of stopping halfway through our homework to flick through our social media at one point or another, but that's honestly just going to make your homework take longer. Put your phone on the other side of the room and keep it on silent, along with your laptop if you aren't using it (if you have your own laptop, that is)
Credit to weheartit.com

I hope that this was somewhat helpful in some way, if it was let me know in the comments.

I doubt it was.

Oh well.

I tried.

(I just realised that I start school in a week...)

Amerelle x

PS. Good luck to those of you who have already gone back to school or are going back this week!

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