27 August 2015

New look & New Teachers (B2S 2015)

You would've already noticed when you clicked on the link for my blog today that my blog has had bit of a makeover. It took around one to two hours to completely redesign it, as there is a lot of settings that needed to me changed or added.

I will admit that it was a little bit stressful at times because it took a lot of playing around to get some of it as I wanted it.

I'm really happy with it now, and I hope you all like it too.

And now back to the actual topic of this blog post.

New teachers.

(I can imagine you all groaning at this point)

You all know that starting a new year generally means a new set of teachers who probably don't know you, and generally you want your teachers to like you.

So this is my attempt and guiding you when dealing with all the new teachers during the first lesson, because it's all about first impressions.

Credit to weheartit.com

  1. Don't be late to your first lesson
  2. Be on time to your first lesson
  3. Do everything you're supposed to do during class
  4. Restrain from talking to your friends in class.
  5. Don't forget anything that you need (Pens, rulers, glue etc.)
  6. Make your work as neat as possible
  7. Try not to draw during class (this note is kind of to myself, because I draw most of the time at school.. oops.)
Hopefully that kind of small list was of some use to some of you.

Unlikely haha.

Amerelle x

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