23 August 2015

Huge Stationary Haul (B2S 2015)

So, I went shopping.

Surprise, surprise.

(As a note, I love shopping.

A lot.)

It's that time of year when every single student is rushing into WHSmith or Paperchase (etc.) to buy two tonnes of stationary for the new school year.

(Which 99.9% of us are dreading.

No surprise there)

Today was my turn.

And as part of my Back to School series, I thought I'd tell you what I bought.


  • Zoella Eyes Beauty Bag - I'm using this as a pencil case because the ones in the general stationary stores weren't big enough and this one is just so much nicer. It looks really cute on my desk too.
  • Black Biro's (Bic) - These pens just work really well for me. Usually I'd have a variety of colours and brands but this year I thought I'd just stick to black because.. I don't actually know, to be honest, I just wanted to.
  • Bic Cristal Pens (4) - These come with a pick, purple, pale blue and lime green colours and I just thought they'd be handy because I didn't buy fine-liners this year (I didn't use them much so I'm just not taking them now)
  • Stabilo Original Highlighters (4) - We all need highlighters to, you know, highlight stuff.
  • Helix 30cm fold-in ruler - #foldinrulersquad
  • Bic HB Mechanical Pencils (5) - I have soo many of these pencils, BIC stuff just suits me really well for some reason. I don't even know, guys, I don't even know..
  • Helix Protractor - This needs no explanation.
  • Helix Rubber - No explanation required (I hope..)
  • Helix Sharpener - You're going to need to sharpen stuff so..
  • WHSmith Correction Pen - Practically Tipex in a pen, for those of you wondering. I go through A LOT of these..
  • Helix Compass - That's the thing about circles.. they demand to be drawn.
  • Pritt Stick Glue (Original) - Should I need to say anything about this? Just your average glue..
  • Maped Stainless Scissors (Pink & Black) - Everything is better when it's pink and black.
  • WHSmith 6 Sketching Pencils Set - B to 6B pencils because I'm really into Art and I thought it would be handy.
  • Casio Scientific Calculator (Pink) - Everything's better when it's pink. Even physics.
  • Big Pink Sticky Lables - for, you know, labelling stuff. As you do.
  • Clear Zip Wallet with White Spots - I swear I will loose ALL my sheets without this. And I mean all of them.
  • A4 Black Lined Notebook - For all your notes. That is sort of what a notebook's for..
  • 5 plastic wallets (X3) - They were on 3 for 2, alright? I use these SOO much.
  • Floral Plain Paper Notebook - I may or may not spend most of my classes drawing instead of listening to the teacher. Oops. #SorryNotSorry

Yes, I know that I bought a lot. I had to replace most of my stationary because it had either run out or was years old, so I thought it was about time I got myself some new stuff for school.

I did pick up a couple of other bits which you'll see in a couple of week's time in a blog post.

No spoilers. Hehe.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite thing is that you've bought for B2S this year and also if you like it when I do haul posts? I'm not sure whether to do them more often or not!

Thank you for reading, and I'll see you all very soon!

Amerelle x

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