25 August 2015

Back To School Q&A - Part 1 (B2S 2015)

If you follow me on instagram (@/that.awkwardfangirl) then you'll probably have seen that I asked you for questions for this post.

And, so, it is now time for me to give A's to your Q's.

I did get a fair few questions too, which is really nice because I love it when you're all a part of my blog too!
How do you get a good night's rest?
I'm the worst at this, but I'd recommend putting your phone and laptop on the other side of the room, and give yourself a set time that you have to stop reading (or anything else that you might be doing) and go to sleep.
Any tips on how to deal with presentations when you have social anxiety?
I'm not really the best person to ask this to, but make sure to take deep breathes throughout and practice at home until you feel comfortable when you do it. You could also ask your friends if you could practice it a couple of times in front of them so you've practiced with people watching before you have to present it.
How do you make new friends?
DO NOT TRY TO BE FRIENDS WITH "POPULAR PEOPLE" OR PEOPLE THAT ARE ALREADY A GROUP OF FRIENDS. I cannot stress that point enough. Approach people who are sitting nearer the back or seem quiet or alone, because they might be too shy to make friends themselves, and the chances are they'll probably be really nice people. Also, don't try to change/hide yourself to be friends with people.
How to get homework done faster?
Turn your phone (and laptop if you aren't using it) off. It's honestly that simple.
How do you adjust to a new school?
Before starting, go onto the website and find out as much as you can about the school, your classes and how the school day works etc. that way you'll know quite a bit beforehand and you'll just have to settle into a general routine with your classes and friends.
Best tip to get through gym class?
I feel your pain, I hate gym. Just spend as much time as you can with your closest friends and it'll be so much easier as you'll be able to talk while to you do whatever you're doing.
How to stay organised/remember things when you don't have much time to make note of things?
Write the name of the subject that you have to remember something for so you've got a note of it and then when you have a minute or two write down whatever you have to do in full in a planner.
Credit to weheartit.com
What is your favourite subject?
Art. Art is life. I literally draw on anything and everything, anywhere. A few days ago I was in a shoe shop buying my school shoes and while I was waiting I drew a braid because why not.
What do you hate the most about school?
Talking in class and people. I'm just the quiet one to be honest, and people, well, yeah. I find it very hard to trust people now because I've had a lot of bad experiences regarding friendships.
Do you do your homework as soon as you get home or sometime after, what do you recommend and why?
I do my homework as soon as I get home, or even sometimes at the school library during lunch because I don't like coming home and having lots of homework. I get it done as quickly as possible and then it's over with. So I definitely recommend doing it ASAP because once it's done, it's done.
How do deal with bullies?
Bullies are tough to deal with (I know from experience), but it's always best to just walk away. If they say something, just walk past them and don't look back. They aren't worth it. They want a reaction, so make sure you don't give it to them. Also remember that there's always people that you can talk to if you need to, you should never have to go through that alone. (If you do need to talk about anything, please just drop me an email (amerellerose@gmail.com) because I'd be happy to help)
Do your friends always see you being busy in the library?
No, I go alone. They don't ever really go to the library unless they need to print something off.

That is the first half of the questions answered.

I'm answering the other half tomorrow so don't worry if I haven't answered yours yet!

Thank you so much if you did ask one.

I had no idea it would take this long to write.

(And now my laptop is running out of battery.

Somebody please invent 500% battery life.)

If you have any other questions just leave them in the comment and I'll reply to them tomorrow!

Let me know what your favourite subject at school is in the comments and why.

Amerelle x

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  1. I really love your posts! I found this off of Instagram and it is so amazing. I have been wanting to try photography and your pictures are just so good. You seem really nice

    1. Thank you so much! This is so sweet. You should definitely give it a try! It's lots of fun and the perfect way to preserve memories, instead of letting them get forgotten.