24 July 2015

Off On Holiday

Hello, everybody reading, I hope you're doing ok.

Tomorrow morning, I'm going on holiday!

I'm looking forward to being away from the endless rain that I've been having here recently.

And shopping in the duty free at the airport. A girl never has too much make up. Or jewellery. Or materialistic possessions in general.

You can probably tell that I'm a great fan of shopping by that.

I'm going to be bringing my laptop with me so I'll be writing and uploading blog posts from the hotel, but without the pictures because I won't be able to transfer them to my laptop until I get home.

I'm away for 10 days, but the bad part is that the taxi is coming to pick us up at 3am tomorrow morning, meaning that I have to wake up at 2.

I have to get up 8 hours from now.

Guess who's going to be tired on the plane tomorrow..

I will take LOTS of pictures which I'll put in the blog post(s) (not the ones of myself and my family, just to keep this anonymous).

I hope you all enjoy any holidays or activities you're doing this summer, and I'll try to write as many blog posts as I can whilst I'm away.

Also, I checked my stats earlier and it showed that I have views from a lot of countries, which I find amazing! The majority of them are from the UK and the US, but I also have some from Indonesia, South Africa, Serbia and more. Considering that I thought nobody would ever want to read my blog, finding that people in many different places are is amazing.

So, Hello, to all of you reading now, whatever country you're in. I really appreciate you reading my blog, however awkward I am.

See you all soon!

Amerelle x

PS. I might (It depends on how much time I have) upload a quick blog post once I'm up and ready because I'll be very tired and it'll probably end up being fairly amusing for you to read. I'm not making any promises though, just in case I don't.

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