6 July 2015

Hello, World!

I've decided to start a blog.

This blog.


Have you ever gotten a drink to take away hot chocolate from Costa and it's so full that when you open it to put a few marshmallows on the top, it just goes everywhere? That's a bit like me. Except I'm not filled with hot chocolate with no room for marshmallows. I have lots of things inside that I kind of want to say but I just can't pluck up the courage to actually say it, especially when it includes starting a conversation.

I used to keep a diary for few years, not everyday just because I couldn't be bothered a lot of the time, and I stopped altogether around November, partly because I didn't want to remember what I was writing about during that time, and just because nobody was ever going to read it, and I rarely read it back myself unless I was long overdue a trip to the bookstore.

And so my blog came into existence. Because you're reading this.

I don't know particularly what I'm going to write about on here - just what I want, when I want and how I want - knowing that somebody will read this without worrying that somebody from my school will find out and judge me and I won't look silly to people I see a lot.

Exactly why I've decided to stay anonymous.

Just so I can be me without people knowing it's me.

And so, in my little corner of the internet, which you are now sharing with me by reading this, my name is Amerelle (this isn't my actual name, but this is how you can know me) and I'm just another quiet teenage girl.

One thing I can guarantee that you will find on my blog is photography. I don't know why I love photography, really, I just do. By taking a photograph, I'm saving a moment forever, instead of letting it fade to a distant memory, or being forgotten completely. Not photographs of me (If there were then it wouldn't exactly be anonymous!), I prefer to stay behind the camera when I can, and then you can see things that I've once seen in person.

And for some reason I really like the idea of you seeing everything that I've seen.

Ok, so I guess that's it. Thank you so much if you're reading this (if that's anybody at all!), I do appreciate it! Let me know one thing that you love in the comments below (if you love photography too then you'll be right at home on my blog).

Amerelle x