8 July 2015

Discovering Old Memories

Have you ever been looking through your things and you end up finding something that you'd lost or forgotten that you had that actually has a lot of meaning and sentimental value to you? I have.

Last week I moved into my new house after the decorators were nearly finished decorating (as decorators do) and I spent hours unpacking all of my boxes and organising everything. Whilst doing this, I found an old memory box. It was from the school I attended from Kindergarten until Year 2, and at the end of the year, everybody in my year put together their own memory box.

I think it's safe to say that I've definitely improved artistically since then.

I'd decorated it with colourful stickers and strips of pastel coloured paper, along with the name of the school and all of the name tags that I'd used during my last year.

Inside I found a number of things:

  • A Goodbye Poem that I wrote in one of my last English classes
  • The name tag that I'd made for my coat peg
  • Four medals from Sports Day (They were all for taking part, I'm honestly not very gifted at sport)
  • A couple of disposable cameras (which I still haven't had developed.. oops)
  • Two awards that I received during assemblies
  • My dance exam certificates (I stopped doing dance very early on in year 3)
  • An old drawing in felt pens
  • My last class photograph
  • The program from our year group's play. This was my favourite thing to find because my two best friends and another boy all had the lead roles, and the memories with them are just so amazing to think back on.
  • And also a wooden clothing peg that I'd decorated for some reason..

I think these memories are ones that I won't let go of. My years at that school were the best years I've ever had at school.

Our memories are some of the most precious things that we will ever own, and this is how I kept them at the age of seven.

Although at that age I was completely different to how I am now, it's nice to look back at myself being so happy and full of life.

What little keepsakes do you have from your childhood?

Amerelle x