26 July 2016

The future of 'Amerelle'.

It would not be fair on anybody reading this to say that I'm going to start blogging again, because something will happen again and I just wont be in the right frame of mind for this. Instead, I will say this;

As I am sat here now, I am not writing this because I feel like I have to, or because I feel like I'm going to be letting people down if I dont, I'm doing it because I want to. I want to be sat here at late at night in the dark with my glasses on and headphones in. I think this is when I produce the best content. When I want to be producing it.

So, I'm not going to say I'm going to upload x many times a week and they will be about x, y, and z. No, I'm going to upload as and when I want and feel happy enough to do so, because I see little point in forcing words onto a page in a stressful rush with a pile of schoolbooks and homework screaming at me for attention, or when I'm having a week or month when my life just isn't going too well, because that happens sometimes.

See you soon people, probably ;)

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