29 July 2016

Procrastination Vs Satisfaction.

Procrastination. An endless battle against yourself in attempt to get things done, but having no motivation to stop stalking Kylie Jenner's following list or repeatedly indirecting your internet friends to text you back on Twitter.

For me, procrastination comes in bursts. The more I have to do, the more easily I get on with it because I get so worked up and stressed over it. If (like I do now) have a piece of work set for the holidays, automatically I feel like I can put it off and its fine to listen to Dan Howell's diss track on repeat instead of working on your project before going away on holiday. Which is exactly what I've done anytime it comes to doing anything remotely educational since the holidays began, even in subjects I enjoy and I am continuing with for GCSE.

At 11pm I finally got off of my phone (which did require me turning it off, BUT IT WORKS, trust me!) and sat down to get all of the research done for my biology project (which is ten times more boring than I'd anticipated, and my classmates agree). Two hours later, four pages of information on a scientist who I don't really care about is all typed up and ready to be presented creatively when I get back home. I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW SATISFYING IT IS TO HAVE FINISHED THIS. It was boring, yes, and I hated every moment of it, yes, but it was worth it and now it's done!

Even though I still have an A3 sketchbook to fill (Ive done the cover, a single page and one double page spread), all of this information to present in a booklet, half of my history homework left and 2000 Spanish terms to learn, this was definitely the most boring thing out of everything I had to do, so it's good to get it done!


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